A Liberating Black People's Prayer for Justice & Peace
by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, M.D. , 1996

THOU who art Blacker than a trillion midnights
Whose eyes shine brighter than a billion suns....

THOU whose hair doth coil tighter than a million springs,
radiating all energy throughout the universe....

We beseech THEE

To give us total strength
To carry out THY will for the universe

To establish JUSTICE on planet Earth and live in peace
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The Context Of White Supremacy

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These are the ten basic steps that Neely Fuller Jr. The author of the “United Independent Compensatory Code: A Text Book/ Work Book for Victims of Racism(White Supremacy)” says all non-white people should follow to end to racism(white supremacy) and bring about justice.

1. Stop “Snitching”

2. Stop “Name-Calling”

3. Stop “Cursing”

4. Stop Gossiping

5. Stop Being Discourteous

6. Stop Stealing

7. Stop Robbing

8. Stop Fighting

9. Stop Killing

10. Stop Squabbling Among Yourselves and Asking Racists (White Supremacists) to Settle Your Problems